Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frugal Wedding Gift Idea: DIY Family Name Sign

My mom stumbled upon a website that she has become obsessed with.  It's called  She has been asking me if I have checked it out yet.  Yes, Mom, I finally did!  It is amazing.  There are tons of cute, creative, eclectic ideas ranging from home decor to food and everything in between. 

The above pictured idea is a great frugal wedding gift idea.  The item is the brain child of a blogger who blogs at site called Hippos and Dinosaurs.  She gives a link here to a great tutorial of how she made this sign.  Essentially, it takes only a piece of plywood, some watered-down paint and some free handed painting.  What a great idea!  I have not been blessed with a creativity gene like this, but thank goodness there are those that have been. 

Oh the ways you could adapt this project... Baby gift, wedding shower gift, house warming gift.  I am so excited to give this a try.  Any of you have a great creative frugal idea?  Send it our way at


  1. It is nice wedding gift forever :)

  2. Hello there! This is such a lovely post. Actually, I've been looking for some frugal wedding gift ideas that I can consider since my friend's wedding is coming. Thanks for sharing ideas.