Thursday, June 21, 2012

Facebook: Ft. Wayne Area Virtual Garage Sale

Reader, Christina, tipped us off to a new Facebook page:  Ft. Wayne Area Virtual Garage Sale.  It appears this page is like Craigslist, but on Facebook.  You can upload images of items you would like to sell with a way for people to contact you. 


  1. Thank you Frugal Fort Wayne!! I read on another Money Saving blog that these Facebook yard sales were really popular. I searched for one in our area and found nothing so....voila! We now have one!! I hope we can build up lots of participation ~ I particularly love the idea of NOT having to drag everything out to display and tag it and then haul it back in at night!!

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  3. You need not piss off anyone of misread the rules because if you do they just delete you on this site without talking with you first. I thought I deleted my album so made a new one and I was a deleted. Great site to sell things.