Wednesday, July 31, 2013

20% Off Code for Shoes on Amazon

I am training for the mini-marathon that is taking place in Fort Wayne in September.  Given that my last pair of running shoes were purchased two kids ago, I decided it was time for some new ones.  Actually, my hips and knees did.... Anyways, I have a certain brand and style that I really like and work well for me.  Being the indecisive frugalista that I am, it was taking waaaayyyyy to long to make a decision.

After much deliberation I settled on a pair from and was all set to purchase them when, as I always do before I make and online purchase, googled "Amazon coupon codes".  I was soooo excited to find a deal where you put in your email address and you got a code for 20% off your next shoe purchase.  Victory!  I did a little frugal dance and my husband (not a born frugal, like myself) thought I was crazy.

Here's the link if you are interested in 20% off some shoes!  

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