Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to School Sales Have Begun!

Back to school sales have begun!  Remember to check your newspaper for the store ads.  If you find a good deal at a store that isn't convenient for you, feel free to ad-match at Walmart.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to take advantage of the Back to school sales to stock up on your home craft-type supplies such as glue sticks, crayons and markers.  It might not hurt to get extra of items your child might go through quickly at school (such as glue sticks, markers, crayons, filler paper, erasers, etc), so you aren't forced to spend full retail price on these items in December.

Also, check your schools' website to see if the class supply list has been updated.  My oldest daughter's list is available, so I will take some time to go through what we have at home to make sure I'm not over-buying.  And, speaking of using what you have at home, a great way to save money is to reuse larger items such as book bags and lunch bags.  If it isn't too beat up, consider using it at least to start out the year.  Then, keep your eyes peeled for clearanced items a few weeks after school starts.  I got a nice book bag for $4.50 last year that she will use if/when her current one wears out.

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