Monday, July 1, 2013

Frugal Summer Fun: Splash Parks

If the long hot days are starting to get to you, here's a suggestion:  try one of the several splash parks in Fort Wayne.

Buckner Park
6114 Bass Rd.

McCormick Park
2300 Raymond and Holly Streets

Memorial Park
2301 Maumee Ave and Glasgow St.

Robert E. Myers Park
Parkview Field

Shoaff Park
6401 St. Joe Rd.

Waynedale Park
2900 Koons and Elzey Streets

Kreager Park
North River Rd.

Think about packing a lunch or dinner (to beat the strong daytime rays) and find a spot in the shade for your meal.  Maybe this way your (my) kids will fall asleep before 10pm because they will be exhausted!  :)

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