Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cut It in Half

Many of the products we use come pre-packaged, pre-portioned, or pre-determined in size, especially paper products.  We pull out whatever the item is and use it regardless if it is too big for the job.  There are a handful of products that can be cut in half, making it last twice as long.  What products do you cut in half?
  • Sponges.  A reader, Dawn, emailed this tip in saying that along with extending the life of one sponge, cutting it in half also makes it easier to hold.
  • Tissues.  If a quick wipe of your child's nose is all you are doing, use only 1-ply of facial tissue.
  • Napkins.  Tear your napkins in half for kids (who will probably wipe their hands on their shirt instead of a napkin anyway).
  • Paper towels.  Only use as much as the job requires.


  1. I cut Bounce dryer sheets into thirds. Just cut across the width.

  2. Growing up, we also broke our bars of soap in half. This helped us not only save, but also as kids to be able to hold the soap and get the job done ourselves!!

  3. I also save on dryer sheets...I just tear mine in half. Laundry comes out just as fresh and static free as if I had used a whole sheet.