Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frugal Quick Tip: Address Labels

I have a whole drawer full of address labels, and they keep just showing up.  Along with sticking them on the upper left-hand corner of envelopes, here are a couple more ideas:
  • Give them to your kids to play with.  If the labels were free, then they become the most cost effective sticker around.  If you are wary of your address label falling off your child's back in the grocery store (I've always wondered how the gremlins are able to put them on their own backs), simply cut off the information part and hand them the colorful pictures to play with.
  • Put them on items you lend to others.  If you have a vast book, CD or DVD library, it might be wise to slap on a label before someone walks out the door with your stuff.  You could also consider putting these on baby stuff that you let a friend or sister borrow.  This little sticker will help ensure your items return safely home.
  • Avoid accidental switches.   My mom and I have the same cell phone.  Two of my sisters have the same camera.  An address label would easily identify the rightful owner.
What do you use excess address labels for?

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