Monday, January 27, 2014

Don’t Text & Drive Seminar

Studies show that while some people are heeding the call to set aside their cell phones in the car, many adults and teens are still texting while driving. They don’t stop to think about the possible consequences.

Chandler Gerber was one of those people – until the day he looked away from the road to send a text, and crashed into an Amish buggy. He will talk about the tragic results of that accident at Parkview Trauma Centers’ upcoming Don’t Text & Drive seminar.

Don’t Text & Drive Seminar
Tuesday, Feb. 11
7 – 8:30 p.m.
Evans Toyota, 515 W. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne

Gerber is speaking out to urge drivers to save lives by staying focused on the road. He will be joined by Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards, who will discuss driving laws and legal consequences of texting while driving.

Don’t miss this eye-opening presentation, sponsored by Parkview Trauma Centers and hosted by Don’t Text & Drive partner Evans Toyota. Seating is limited.

Register today using this link.

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