Thursday, January 9, 2014

Target: Target Cartwheel Facebook App

Check out the newly released Cartwheel coupons here!  Read below if you aren't familiar with the program.

Target has a new Facebook App called Cartwheel.  It allows you to clip coupons and send them to your phone or print them.  You can use one Cartwheel coupon, one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item.  The Cartwheel coupons are percent off coupons.

Please note that a Facebook account is required to use this app.  Go here to learn how to adjust the privacy settings depending on who you want to see your Cartwheel activity on Facebook.

I have a friend who has a Facebook account that she set up solely to use this service.  Also, I don't have a cool smartphone, but I can still take advantage of this opportunity.  I have printed my barcode and just keep it in my wallet.  I can load what ever coupons I want but I just use the same barcode.  Or, I had my iPod in my purse yesterday, and I used the free Target wi-fi to pull up my barcode in store.

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