Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frugal Quick Tip: Potty Training

Ready to be done with diapers?  I am.  I currently have one more child to potty train.  I have all boys and potty training has not been a task that I feel qualified to give advice on.  However, a friend recently told me a way that she has successfully trained her five children:

1.  Take child to store to pick out his/her most favorite pairs of underwear.  You want them to love the underwear so much that they never want it to be dirty.
2. Save all other mangy (clean!) underwear from previous children.
3.  Start with the old underwear and allow child to wear only underwear.  If said child poops in underwear, simply throw it away.  Let them do this a few times so they get the idea.
4.  Allow child to wear new "favorite" underwear once they seem to get the idea.  According to my friend, the first time you have to throw out poopy precious underwear, they will be changed forever.

I have not ever tried this tactic, but I will be trying it soon, once I think my two year old cares enough.  Good luck~!

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