Tuesday, January 20, 2015


  • Kifi is a brand new social network with the mission of “Connecting people with knowledge."
  • Kifi achieves “Connecting people with knowledge" by Connecting people to the knowledge that they need, Connecting people with knowledge to other people with knowledge; i.e. a network of experts and People with similar interests connecting with each other through knowledge.
  • Kifi’s foundation is the keep. Whenever you are on a page that is important to you, just use the Kifi Keeper to save it so you can quickly find it later.
  • Keeps are organized into libraries. Libraries can help you organize keeps around a particular topic and contain as many keeps as you like.
  • Libraries can be totally private to you, or shared with a select group of people.
  • Libraries can also be published, and there are several ways in which other people can interact with them.
  • Other Kifi users can follow your libraries, and receive updates when you add new Keeps to them.
  • Your libraries will be available on the open internet on a beautifully designed webpage. This page is designed with SEO in mind and over time will help to establish you as a thought leader about the library’s topic.
  • All of the content you keep into Kifi can be retrieved right in Google search.
  • Find content that you’ve kept at the very top of your search results to make finding important pages easier.
  • Also explore the pages your friends kept, and discover new libraries from people you trust.
  • You can also search all of Kifi. Kifi’s on-page chat feature is an innovative way to share and discuss web content.
  • Instantly share pages with non-Kifi users and they receive a beautifully formatted e-mail from you. When they respond via e-mail, their reply will show up right in the on-page view.
  • With other Kifi users, you can chat in real time right on the page.

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