Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shelf Life: Decoding the Expiration Lingo

Stocking up on items when you find great prices is a way to reduce your grocery budget.  How long do things really last?  In their March 2011 issue, Parents Magazine did a small piece about what some of the expiration date lingo means. 
  • Sell By:  Use the food within 2-3 days of this date.  However, milk and yogurt kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can last up to a week after this date.  Eggs are good up to an additional five weeks.  ( I don't know why they don't just extend the expiration date of these...)
  • Use By:  Eat (or freeze) food by this date.  Parents also says, "Never use baby formula or baby food beyond this date, since it can lose nutrients." 
  • Best if Used By:  Usually on non-perishable items, and using post expiration date won't necessarily make you ill, the product just may be stale or have lost color and nutrients.  Parents states, "If it remains unopened in your pantry, peanut butter can last up to 9 months, cereal a year, canned fruit 12-18 months and canned veggies for up to 5 years." 
Expiring food is not an issue around here, it gets eaten too quickly!  However, this is a good reference to have, just in case you find something at the back of the fridge that you had missed.

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